Mr. Pullman, your books deal with tough subjects like the loss of loved ones in a very honest and direct way. Why do you do so?

Because I believe in human prerogatives and in the importance and unicity of human feelings. Those are universal factors and I'm more interested into them than in magic or wizards. Fantasy, for me, is an escamotage to write about more foundamental aspect of life.

Let's talk a little about today: you gave a panel with Italian writer Silvana De Mari at the Bookfair and the response from the pubblic was great. Did you like the experience?

Your book The Golden Compass is about to become a movie: how do you feel about it?

I'm very curious to see the end result, and very glad that my book is going on the same road as other good books. It's a huge process to put in action, It's quite overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

Would you tell us something of the movie?

I'm very happy about it. The whole production is very committed driven and committed. And the level of care, work and attention put into the sets are amazing. Also, usually fantasy movies don't have great stars, but in this case the fact that actors like Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are involved is very exciting.

Are you directly involved with the production?

No, I'm a sort of consultant, I partecipate on a certain level but I'm not on their payroll. They asked me to become executive producer, but I preferred otherwise because when you are part of the production you have to answer to them. I prefer to make sure that I'm completely free and answer only to myself.

What do you aspect of the movie?

I hope it will do fine, obviously, but I'll have to wait and see for that. On a personal note, I think that is going to be an indipendent creation than my book, but that's good. I don't expect them to copy tha book, it's impossible. I believe that the people involved respect the book, so we'll see.

Is there anything particular that you can tell us on the the movie?

Nope, sorry. You'll have to see it, no details.

Bologna has given you a very warm welcome: do you like the city? And have you ever been here before?

Yes, I've been in Italy many times, but never in Bologna. It's a very beautiful citiy, it's been a joy and a pleasure.

I hope we'll have the chance to welcome you again soon here. Thank you for your time.

Thank you, I'd love to be back soon.

It's been a great experience! Silvana is a lovely person, and we discovered that we have a lot in common. We share also a common view on fantasy and how important is to write about values like courage and themes like life and war. I didn't know her books but i've just started The Last Elf  (l'Ultimo Elfo, n.d.t) and I'm very eager to finish it.